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This Write-In Campaign is about placing People Over Politics. It is a referendum on the fraudulent “Official Democratic Sample Ballots” that are mailed to unsuspecting voters who take them to the polling precincts and use as gospel and a guide for voting. This Write-In campaign is a referendum on the political establishment picking winners and losers, usurping the will of the community and electorate.

My Write-In Candidacy is about Transparency in Government, Accountability and most importantly bringing resources to District 9 to aid our aging infrastructure. Specifically, I plan to enforce (no longer waive) developer impact fees of up to $20,000 per housing unit such that the money collected will no longer just in the General Treasury and be dispersed throughout the County, but be earmarked for District 9 to:

“1. alleviate traffic and improve our roads along MD 301, Route 5, MD 210 and Route 4;
2. refurbish and build new schools in District 9, which are some of the oldest in the County;
3. build new police and fire stations and fully staff them for our safety;
4. clean up our streets of litter, illegal dumping and overgrown grass and weeds.

I plan to be a fierce advocate for Women’s Rights for pay equity and provide safe housing (and havens) for those (especially with children) experiencing domestic abuse by using surplus foreclosed homes as transitional housing.

Finally, I want to ensure that we support our local, minority and women-owned businesses by requiring first-source agreements in all County contracts, and those employers/contractors also provide internships and summer jobs for our high school and college students.”


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